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Comedian Cindy-Ann Boisson shines at...

By Michael Mondezie

A HEARTY supply of rum, proper time-ofday greetings and a militant approach to driving are the key elements for survival in T&T, says US-based comedian Cindy-Ann Boisson.

Boisson held up a warped fun house mirror to a fully engaged audience, during her 'PHEW: Mauvais Langue' comedy showcase, last Sunday, at Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain. Her sharp, thoughtful wit and dry, insightful cynicism provided a hilarious exaggerated reflection of what it means to be Trinidadian in 2022.

'You could be dying and message a Trini to tell dem yuh in hospital and their response would be 'good morning', Boisson told the giggling auditorium.

'Yes, manners very important to a Trini. That and rum, we need rum to survive marriage,' she continued gesturing towards her husband seated stage front.

The Paramin-born comic said she had to 'relearn how to drive on Trini roads' as she was reminded of the aggressive and discourteous nature of 'female drivers on the island'.

'Is a war out there. They ketch meh first day but de next day I put on my camouflage face cream and say: ah ready for these bitches. I love it,' she said to swelling laughter.

Boisson, a two-time Florida Funniest Female finalist told the local audience she was nervous about returning to perform in T&T after a three-year pandemic-forced absence. She shared her experiences having to work with a dialect coach in the US to learn to speak in neutral manner so American audiences can better appreciate her jokes.

'I hate it, but what ah go do, ah have to do it. I just hope allyuh still claim meh,' she said to rousing reassuring applause.

Meeting the American Groom

Earlier, American comic Kyle Grooms introduced himself to local comedy fans with a quirky and endearing set that recounted his glory days 'dating Latin women' and current role 'as the father of two amazing girls'.

Grooms was relatable and landed his punchlines effectively earning the audience's instant forgiveness for a cringy attempt at a failed T&T accent. His roasting of a couple finding their seats after the show had started brought the audience to life. 'Can I get you guys anything? Maybe a watch,' he said while sipping on an orange liquid in a clear cup.

Another couple, entering the auditorium moments later, were in for an even more embarrassing impromptu attack. Grooms inadvertently struck T&T comedy gold when he questioned the fidelity of their relationship.

'Sir, is she with you? Why are you walking so far ahead of her? We need to call his wife and let her know where he's at… Hello, he's with some girl at the comedy show,' Grooms said inspiring a mighty roar from the audience.

Trinidad-born American-based R&B/ pop singer Keba Music (Keba Williams) filled the silent spaces between the laughter with an impressive musical set that included her originals 'Somebody', 'Pillow Talk' and 'Queen' strategically placed between covers of Nadia Batson's 'So Long', David Rudder's 'Calypso' and Kees Dieffenthaller's 'Hello'.

Keba's performance of another original, 'Interstellar' was particularly impressive as she executed with perfect pitch and went on a couple of eyebrow-raising vocal runs that let everyone in earshot know 'the girl can sang'.

Emcee Peter Kelly and the Paramin parang band Cinco Mas Dos also performed on the evening, adding value to the overall quality of the show.

It was Boission who rightfully had the last word. The St Francois Girls' College graduate dedicated her performance to her former classmates seated in the auditorium and announced that part proceeds will be donated to her alma mater.

'Thank you so much for coming out. This means the world to me. You mean the world to me. I love you,' Boission concluded to the loudest cheer of the night.

American comic Kyle Grooms goads photographers to capture his good side during his hilarious performance.

T&T-born US-based comedian Cindy-Ann Boisson gestures comically at the audience during a ribtickling set at her 'Mauvais Langue' comedy showcase, last Sunday, at Central Bank Auditorium, Port of Spain.

Trinidad-born American-based R&B/pop singer Keba Music (Keba Williams) won over the audience with a series of flawless vocal runs.

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