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The following is the verbatim discussion between the Police Commissioner and Richards during the Parliament's JSC:

Richards: Is there a particular mandate for the Beyond the Tape show? And I ask the question in the context that, very often, I hear utterances in that show that are in stark contradiction to what the police leadership is saying and it is very surprising to me. So the police leadership says one thing about gangs, the show is saying 'we giving the gangs a bligh'.

Is there a mandate for that show? And does the show take instruction and policy and public dissemination from the police leadership because every often I have heard contradictory information from the police leadership and from what I see on that show and I don't know which one to believe.

Christopher: The show should be a replica of the thoughts and sentiments of the executive of the organisation.

Richards: Is that happening? Christopher: There may be times when the presenter is a bit adverse to the thoughts of the organisation.

Richards: The presenter representing the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service on a national broadcast, very popular show, in uniform and you are telling us that he is adverse to what the leadership is saying? That is a shocking revelation.

Christopher: I am making my comments based on what you would have said.

Richards: So no one monitoring the show from a leadership perspective?

Christopher: The show is monitored by the Corporate Communications Unit.

Richards: Are you satisfied by what is coming out of the show as head of the Police Service?

Christopher: At this time, no. Richards: You not satisfied and it is being continued? Christopher: No actually the show is being reviewed. We have had discussions.

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