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Emancipation Quiz

1) From which area did the largest amount of African slaves come?

Answer: Gold Coast (Ghana)

2) From whom did the Europeans purchase the African slaves?

Answer: a) From Africans who captured and sold slaves as a business

b) From kings and chiefs who captured Africans when warring among themselves.

3) There are millions of enslaved people in the world today. Name one form that slavery takes in the world today.

Answer: human trafficking, child labour, domestic servitude, bonded labour, descentbased slavery 4) 'No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms…' From where is this quotation taken?

Answer: Article 4, Universal Declaration

of Human Rights

5) Children are especially vulnerable to slavery. What can be done to free children from slavery?

Answer: a) Abolish all child labour.

b) Ensure that all young children go to school.

6) About how many Africans in all were loaded on to slave ships during the slave trade?

Answer: about 12 million

7) Who was the first British slave trader?

A nswer: Sir Jack Hawkins

8) Which European country was first involved in the African slave trade?

Answer: Portugal

9) How did Europeans justify the cruelty of the slave trade?

Answer: By believing that Africans were

racially inferior

10) Approximately, how many African slaves died in the holds of the slave ships?

Answer: 1 in 5

12) From where were the first enslaved Africans taken?

Answer: Sierra Leone

13) Which country eventually became the leading slaving nation?

Answer: Britain

14) British ships made about 11,000 slaving voyages. They sailed from three main ports. Name one of these ports.

Answer: Liverpool, Bristol, London

15) For roughly how long did the African slave trade exist?

Answer: 400 years

16) Generally, how long did the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean take?

Answer: Six weeks

17) What was the campaign slogan of the abolitionists?

Answer: Am I not a man and a brother.

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